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Meet the Viterbo Voyagers

Lynette BensonLynette Benson

  • Hometown: Forest Lake, MN
  • Major: Sport Management and Leadership, 4+1 Program for my MBA
  • Campus involvement: Varsity Volleyball Team
  • Why did you choose VU? The atmosphere was what I loved when I visited. I feel as if every professor and student cares for me both academically and as an individual!
  • Favorite place on campus and why? Varsity Athletics Center, it's where I play volleyball and where a lot of the school spirit is at.
  • Favorite place or thing to do in La Crosse? Walk around Riverside Park. The river and the scenery is amazing.
  • Advice for prospective students conducting their college search? Take your time and really research/visit the school. Don't make a decision off of impulse; make sure that it will help you grow in your academics but also as an individual.
  • How's the food? The food in the cafeteria is awesome! Same with the Crossroads POD and Einstein Bros. Bagels. I love that there are lots of options for students on and off campus.
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