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Elizabeth Eckert Prolfile Pic 

Elizabeth Eckert

Hometown:  Wausau, WI

Major:  Chemistry

Campus Involvement:  DNA Club, Franciscan Friend, National Honor Society of Leadership & Success, Biochemistry Research
 Why did you choose Viterbo?
1.  I felt the most comfortable.
2.  The science program.
3.  Ability to do research.

Favorite place on campus and why?
Assisi Courtyard and Reinhart Reading Room.  The courtyard because it brings nature onto campus and is great for frisbee in the spring/fall.  The reading room for studying because it is central between the science faculty offices and people are always studying and hanging out.


How's the food?
Great!  The cafeteria is very accommodating to my gluten allergy.  They have gluten free bread, pasta, waffles, donuts, English muffins and more.



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