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Meet the Voyagers

The Voyagers of Viterbo University are responsible students who represent Viterbo to all of our guests. They will entertain you with stories of their college experience and show you around our campus.

Name Email Major

Lynette Benson Master of Business Administration 
Keegan Bludworth Marketing

Everett Chamberstchamb08002@viterbo.eduNursing
Claire Doughman Liberal Studies
Jacob Engeljengel08084@viterbo.eduMusic Performance
Ben Groteboerbgrote10910@viterbo.eduNursing
Jill Haramjharam09233@viterbo.eduDietetics
Emily Hinmanehinma14605@viterbo.eduNursing
Jessica Hubbardjhubba05065@viterbo.eduNursing
Chelsea Langeclange09519@viterbo.eduBiochemistry
Courtney Meidenbauercmeide06081@viterbo.eduDietetics
Ally Ostranderaostra07633@viterbo.eduMarketing / Sport Management
Alexis Regetareget06915@viterbo.eduBiology
Chloe Richtercricht08998@viterbo.eduBiology
Bridget Schwefelbschwe09050@viterbo.eduMusic Theatre
Thomas Squirestsquir07327@viterbo.eduMusic Theatre
Brandon Stiefelbstief14499@viterbo.eduNursing
Emily Vandenheuvel evande04569@viterbo.eduTheatre Education
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