Justin Vetsch

  • Hometown: Saint Michael, Minnesota
  • Major: Sport Management
  • Minors: Finance, and Servant Leadership
  • Campus involvement: Resident Assistant, Campus Ministry, Service Saturdays, Intermural volleyball, and Voyager.
  • Favorite meal in the caf: Definitely the breakfast omelets with bacon and sausage.
  • Favorite place on campus and why: My favorite place would have to be the chapel that the sisters have. I love the historical background of the chapel and the stain glass windows. If I want a quiet place to chill at for a little bit that’s usually where I go.
  • Favorite place or thing to do in La Crosse: There are so many fun things to its hard to just choose one. I like to go out to eat with friends, hike the bluffs, and go to stores in downtown La Crosse. But my favorite would have to be the swing dancing events at UWL. Swing dancing in the Cities is one of my favorite parts of being home, so it’s fun to continue that at college.
  • Why I chose VU: I chose Viterbo because I fell in love with the community and atmosphere. I wanted to be at a school where I wasn’t just a number but a person. And unlike other schools everyone I met was super nice and down to earth. I also really like the emphasis Viterbo puts on internships. Internships and experience is important no matter what your major is and Viterbo recognizes that. The school is very helpful in helping students find great internships.
  • Advice for prospective students conducting their college search: Find a community that fits you. All colleges have a lot of the same stuff: dorms, cafeteria, class buildings, workout area, etc. But the community and values of each college are very different. College can be a lot of work and is a HUGE investment; surrounding yourself with a good community and people you enjoy makes a world of difference.
  • Career aspirations: Doing front office work for a baseball or NFL team or working for a firm helping athletes invest and manage their money.