Isabelle Ferm

  • Hometown: Farmington, Minnesota
  • Major: Biology   Minor: Chemistry
  • Campus involvement: Viterbo Women’s Soccer Team, DNA Club, Voyager, Viterbo Athletics Super Fan
  • Favorite meal in the Caf? Although it can hardly be considered a meal, you can definitely make a meal out of the chocolate lava cake.  It’s seriously to die for.
  • Favorite place on campus and why? Assisi Courtyard because it’s a great place to do homework in the sun, listen to music, play games, or just hang out with friends!
  • Favorite place or thing to do in La Crosse? There are so many fun things to do in La Crosse!  I personally love walking downtown to Riverside Park, going up to the bluffs, and hanging out at Pettibone Beach. You will certainly never be bored!
  • Why I chose VU? I chose Viterbo for its Women’s Soccer program, its adorable campus, and because I love the city of La Crosse.
  • Advice for prospective students conducting their college-search? It’s an overwhelming process but it will all work out in the end. Make sure to physically visit each of your prospective schools and don’t be afraid to ask questions! I also found the old “Pros and Cons” list to be very beneficial and of course always listen to your heart. 
  • Career aspirations? I hope to go into some health related field, whether that’s Physical Therapy, Med School, or Optometry School I’m still trying to figure out!
  • Anything else? Listen to your parents when choosing a college.  Use their life experience to your advantage.  They might know more than you think!