Ellie Luke

  • Hometown: Mauston, Wisconsin
  • Major: English Education
  • Campus involvement: Track and Field, Honors Program, Spanish Club, Praise and Worship, and Voyager.
  • Favorite place on campus and why? My favorite place on campus is the LaCroix Black Box Theatre.  They always put on really great performances and it is a very unique theatre.
  • Favorite place or thing to do in La Crosse?  I love to get ice cream at Ranison's Ice Cream and Candy shop!  It is a small, family owned store within walking distance of Viterbo.  They have tons of interesting flavors, and are priced just right for college students! My favorite flavor is Cappuccino-N-Cookies.
  • Why I chose VU: I chose Viterbo because I loved how it felt when I toured campus.  Everyone I met or passed while walking was very friendly!  Also, I liked the religious background, and the core values that are a result of our Frnaciscan heritage.
  • Career aspiration:  I want to teach on American military bases in other countries, and eventually transition into politics.
  • Advice for prospective students conducting their college-search?  If you really like a couple of schools but cannot seem to choose between the two, tour each more than once!  Sometimes weather or other factors can influence the vibe you get from the shcool.  Touring more than once is a great way to see how the campus will feel at different times throughout the year. I toured Viterbo three times!  Two were official tours, and the the third was just with my family on a summer day when we could take lots of time and explore the courtyards.