Connor Sullivan

  • Connor SullivanHometown: Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  • Major: Music Theatre
  • Campus Involvement: Viterbo Improv, Platinum Edition Show Choir, Tonal 2 Acapella Group, Theatre Department Productions, Ultimate Frisbee Club, and Voyager.
  • Favorite place on campus and why? My favorite place on campus is Assisi Courtyard. It's a great place to chill out, do some homework, and get an Ultimate Frisbee game going!
  • Favorite place or thing to do in La Crosse? My favorite place in La Crosse is definitely Riverside Park.  The Mississippi is gorgeous, and whether you want to walk along the river, relax and enjoy a picnic, or throw a football around, ther is something there for everyone!
  • Why I chose VU: I chose Viterbo largely because of its great music theatre program.  They offer amazing training in all areas of performance, and the small program size makes connecting with other students and with professors easy. In addition, the size of the school as a whole is really great for me - I feel like an individual, not a number, and the faculty know who I am and care about what is happening in my life.
  • Advice for prospective students conducting their college search? My best advice when choosing a college is this:  Your work defines where you end up in life, not where you go to school or even what degree you earn.  Yes, those things are important and you should choose the school and major that fit you best. Ultimately, however, whether you get into your dream school, or whether you are just not sure what you want to do or where you want to end up - trust that your work and dedication to whatever it is you love is going to decide your life path, not the school you go to. You can get good training in so many places, for so many different things - ultimately, you decide how successful you are going to be.
  • Career aspirations? I'd like to give kids a place to feel wanted, connected, and successful; and I think I will be able to use the arts to do that! Somewhere along the way I'd love to be a paid actor, but I would also love to be best friends with Ed Sheeran, and hang glide off of the Eiffel Tower. So...I've decided to settle for one of those three things happening in my life.