Sexual Misconduct

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Sexual Misconduct

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Viterbo University Statement on Sexual Misconduct

Respect of others, responsibility for one's behavior and adherence to standard of conduct are essential to building a safe and healthy university community. Therefore, sexual misconduct will not be tolerated at Viterbo University, as it is a crime and a serious violation of trust, dignity, and rights. Sexual misconduct shows disregard for standards outlined in the Viterbo University Code of Student Conduct, state, and federal law.

At Viterbo Universtiy, force, coercion, non-consensual sexual contact, non-consensual sexual intercourse, sexual harassment, stalking, dating violence, domestic violence, and sexual exploitation are considered forms of sexual misconduct.  A definition of each term can be found in the headings on the left side of this webpage. Additionally, consent is essential in the prevention of sexual misconduct and requires speech indicating a freely given agreement to have sexual intercourse or participate in sexual activities. Silence, previous sexual relationships, or current relationships are not an indication of consent. The use of alcohol or drugs may limit the capacity to give consent. (A college study with 119 schools participating nationwide reported alcohol involved in nearly 72 percent of rapes. Harvard School of Public Health, 2004).

A student or employee charged with sexual misconduct may be disciplined under the Viterbo University Code of Student Conduct and/or prosecuted under Wisconsin criminal statutes. Viterbo University may pursue disciplinary action independent of the criminal system which may result in removal from the university. Results of campus disciplinary proceedings involving sex offenses are provided to the person filing the report as well as the accused. The Vice President for Student Development will assist persons who have been assaulted in making necessary changes to academic schedules, housing assignments, etc. Please be aware of the difference between reporting groups and understand that non-confidential resources are required by law to report the act of sexual misconduct so an investigation can take place.

Resources and Supports

Confidential Viterbo Support Resources:

Leslie Stugelmayer
Director of Counseling Services
4 Student Development Center608-796-3808
Sue Danielson
Director of Health Services
3 Student Development Center608-796-3806
Fr. Conrad Targonski
Director of Campus Ministry and University Chaplin
370 Murphy Center608-796-3904

*These employees will report the incident of sexual misconduct, but will omit any identifying information.

Viterbo Employees Who Must Report Sexual Misconduct:

Lisa Josvai and Campus Security Officers
Director of Campus Security
5 Student Development Center
Vickie Unferth
Director of Residence Life, Residence Life Staff and RA's
2 Marian Hall
Kasie Von Haden
Director of Campus Activities and Campus Activities Staff  
114 Marian Hall 608-796-3807 
Diane Brimmer
Vice President for Student Development2 Student Development Center
Sonya Ganther
Director of Human Resources
200 Murphy Center
Todd Ericson
Vice President for Finance and Administration
214 Murphy Center
Coaches and Athletics Staff
Faculty and Staff Who Advise Student Organizations   

*While not all faculty and staff are required to report sexual misconduct, everyone is encouraged to make a report to any of the contacts listed above.

Confidential Community Resources:

Mayo Franciscan Healthcare Safe Path608-392-7804
Mayo Franciscan Healthcare SANE Nurses
Gundersen Sexual Assault Services
Gundersen Sexual Abuse Counseling and Support Services
Great Rivers 211 Information and Referral Hotline
Dial 211 or 1-800-362-8255
New Horizons Shelter for Battered Women608-791-2600

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