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Student Government Association

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President's Welcome

Greetings New and Returning Students!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Julia Callaghan – a senior Mathematics major, avid ukulele player, and your dedicated student body President.  Let’s be friends!

Congratulations are in order regarding your acceptance to Viterbo and your academic success thus far.  I encourage you to seize every available opportunity for self-discovery presented to you during your time here at Viterbo. Your collegiate experience will be full of growth – and I’m not talking about the freshman 15 here. 

On behalf of the Student Government Association (SGA), I urge you to get involved on campus and in the community.  Viterbo has something for you whether you are a new student, transferring from another college or university, or returning from summer employment and recreation.  Join a club!  Our lengthy list of clubs and student organizations can be found on the Viterbo website.  If we don’t have a club that interests you, we encourage you to start your own (I think there is an opening for a Ukulele Enthusiasts Club if anyone wants to hop on that).  Attend a performance in the Fine Arts Center, get to know the Franciscan Sisters at St. Rose Convent, support fellow student athletes in competition, polish your ping pong skills in the Hawk’s Nest, participate in a VU After Dark event on weekends, volunteer in the surrounding Washburn neighborhood, sign up for a Spring Break service trip, write for the Lumen, and become BFF’s with your favorite professor(s).  Study abroad and enrich the campus with your newfound worldview upon your return.  Join an intramural team and dazzle fellow students with your catlike reflexes.  Wherever you happen to find your niche, be sure to commit to it wholeheartedly and make your college experience a memorable one!

Also, remember that the Student Government Association represents you.  We invite you to drop by our office in the Student Union with any concerns or questions you may have, or just to say “Hello.” Voicing your concerns helps the Student Government Association to strengthen the university and improve campus life for Viterbo students.

I wish you the best of luck in your studies, work, leadership experiences and extracurricular activities!   Go V-Hawks!

Julia Callaghan

Viterbo Student Government Association President

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