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Student Organizations

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Student Organizations

  1. Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society (Tri-Beta) - An honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences. Tri-Beta is designed to stimulate interest, scholarly attainment, and investigation in the biological sciences, and to promote the dissemination of information and new interpretations among students in the life sciences.
  2. Colleges Against Cancer, Viterbo Chapter - The American Cancer Society Colleges Against Cancer is a nationwide collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer by initiating and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society in college communities.
  3. College Democrats - A collection of Democrat, Independent, Progressive, and like minded students which support local, state, and national democratic candidates to provide a democratic support group on campus where students can become actively involved in democratic political activities.
  4. College Republicans - we work to communicate and advocate the ideas and values of independents, libertarians, tea partiers, conservatives and republicans.
  5. DNA Club (previously BioChem Club)Supports the biology, chemistry, biochemistry, sports science, mathematics, and environmental sustainability majors; assists those involved; builds community within the science; and helps provide a more enjoyable atmosphere throughout all aspects of students' education experiences.
  6. Education Club - is composed of students, not only Education majors, but also any students who are interested in educational leadership and working in a professional environment.  Members will gain a greater sense of responsibility, professionalism, and leadership by participating in professional and social opportunities in the La Crosse and Viterbo communities. Members will create a balance of teamwork, opportunities, and experiences of positive outreach to the community as well as enforce Viterbo values to build acceptance and awareness of all others' backgrounds.
  7. Enactus (previously SIFE)to empower people in need and develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills through volunteerism, while applying business and economic concepts in an entrepreneurial approach.
  8. Final Editsponsors additional English-related resources and activities such as film screenings and public presentations by visiting authors. The goals of the club are to contribute to the intellectual and creative life of Viterbo and to promote English as a major and/or minor.
  9. Filmmaker's Guild - aims to provide a hub that supports students who are interested in the production of film. Using innovative projects paired with the integration of Viterbo's educational, social, religious and recreational aspects, The Filmmaker's Guild aims to inspire immense campus involvement and productions.
  10. Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) - aims to create a welcoming, accepting, and safe place on Viterbo's campus for people of all sexual orientation. GSA works to promote human equality and respect for human dignity.
  11. Global Rhythms - Viterbo’s international club celebrating cultural diversity. Promotes and encourages an exchange of culture throughout the nations by providing opportunities for friendship, understanding and the social interests of the members.
  12. Historians' Club - promotes the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. We seek to bring students and teachers together for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist historical research and publication by our members. Membership in club also allows students to join PHI ALPHA THETA, the National Honor Society of Historians, if they met the society requirements.
  13. Philosophy Club - Provides an intellectual community for the advancement of meaningful discourse on campus.  The club will promote aspects of thinking such as formal logic, critical thinking, clear articulation of ideas, synthesis of group thoughts, and clear argumentation.  We will be open to discussion of current philosophical issues, as well as those that have existed for millennia.  All persons and their opinions and beliefs will be treated respectfully, but participants in discussion will be expected to give reasons for their statements.
  14. Pre-Health Club - is an organization representing future professional school applicants and practitioners.  The purpose of the club is to supply its members with current information about professional schools and the healthcare industry.  In addition, the Pre-Health Club prepares students to become competitive professional school applicants, while providing support during the process.
  15. Psychology ClubSupports student body education by informing and encouraging mental and emotional wellness by facilitating involvement with the community and campus life.
  16. SOAHR - The Student Organization Advocating Human Rights, in line with Franciscan values, seeks to enlighten and educate the campus and community by raising awareness and advocating for human rights with the goal of fostering unity and respect for the world through social action.
  17. Social Work ClubPromotes awareness within the Viterbo community of the Social Work profession as well as educate and advocate for social causes, through coordinating events on campus and local community.
  18. Spanish Club - For students interested in the Spanish language and culture.  Members host campus cultural events and engage in teaching Spanish to area children. The Spanish Club fosters understanding and appreciation for Spanish and Hispanic-American cultures through experiences emphasizing language, social issues, service, and fun.
  19. Sport Science & Management Club (SSMC) - provides Viterbo University students with diverse opportunities within and across the sports spectrum primarily through management and science experiences on and off campus. Club members will be involved and facilitate a wide range of activities, such as sporting activities, trips to sports venues, seminars and guest speakers, and community events.
  20. Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) - Committee serves as a communications link between varsity athletes and the athletic administration, unity with athletes and teams, and to increase involvement and awareness of Viterbo’s intercollegiate athletic programs.
  21. Student Dietetics Association (SDA) - Promotes the profession of nutrition and dietetics as well as heightening awareness of healthy eating among students. The annual apple pie sale is a holiday highlight.
  22. Student Veterans of America - provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation.
  23. Taking New Tactics (TNT) - Peer education program for those who wish to facilitate a variety of campus activities that focus on promoting healthy lifestyles and low-risk choices.
  24. VHawks for Life - works to protect life from conception to natural death, particularly those lives threatened by abortion, infanticide, embryonic stem cell research and euthanasia. In furtherance of these goals, members promote respect for life at Viterbo University and on a local, state and national level, educate on life issues, help those in need so that life is a promising choice, and work with others who share common goals.
  25. Viterbo Art Club -The main mission is to nurse the innate creative spirit of every individual within our community.  It hopes to help our student artists expand their methods of self-expression through the meetings and open studios.  It desires to create a more solidified artistic community with a more unified voice here at Viterbo University.  It hopes to show the public how all benefit from the merits of fine art by creating artistic influence through art openings, sales, workshops, and speakers.  The Viterbo Art Club provides its members an artistic environment that allows them to grow critically and intellectually for the betterment of their future and their community's future. 
  26. Viterbo Environmental Sustainability Club - promotes sustainable choices among students and faculty at Viterbo University. Our goal is to educate and spread the word about smart, environmental choices.
  27. Viterbo Free Thinkers - promotes non-religious based discussions of current political, social, and cultural issues. Students are also encouraged to attend in debate teams to express and argue opposing viewpoints on certain topics
  28. Viterbo Improv! - gives students the opportunity to explore the world of improvisation by allowing them to build life skills as well as stage skills.
  29. Viterbo Student Nurses Association (VSNA) - Helps student nurses promote profession on campus and local area. VSNA offers an opportunity to meet, become active, and study with other nursing majors.  We provide many service opportunities in the Viterbo and La Crosse communities.  Activities include Relay for Life, blood drives, blood pressure monitoring, collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club, and the Health Fair.
  30. Viterbo Students in Technical Theatre (VSTT) - has a variety of objections. VSTT fundraise and organizes the annual trip to the national and regional USITT conferences, acts as a vehicle for networking with other students and professionals throughout the year, and plans events/ workshops that specifically target students in the areas of technical theatre and design, stage management and arts administration.
  31. Wisconsin Honorary of Involved Leaders (WHIL)provides recognition for those individuals living in and/or serving the residence halls and to promote leadership both on campus and in the community.
  32. Women's Studies Organization - promotes awareness, discuss, and promote activities that one can get involved in.

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