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Spring 2015 Schedule Addendum

This addendum will reflect all course section additions, cancellations, or time/date changes since the schedule was published on October 24, 2014. Please check the VitNet Search for Sections component for changes to instructors and/or rooms.

Traditional Undergraduate Changes 

AADM-340-001 Arts Mktg Applications
Time change to MW 2:30pm (10/29/14)

AADM-400-001 Arts Admin Seminar
Section cancelled (12/8/14)

ACCT-313-001 Cost Accounting
Section cancelled (12/3/14)

BIOL-114-009/010/011/012 A & P II
Sections added-one lab time (11/25/14)

BIOL-203-002 Human Biology
Lab Time change to R 3:30-5:20pm (10/30/14)

BIOL-486-001 ST Topics in Immunology
Section added (10/27/14)

BIOP-489-001 Adv Research and Practice
Section added (10/30/14)

CHEM-286-001 ST Careers in Science
Time change to T 2:30-3:20pm (11/14/14)

CHEM-430-001 Instrumental Analytcl Chem
Time change to MWF 11:15am (10/27/14)
Time change to MWF 12:20pm (12/3/14)

COMM-150-008 Fundamentals of Speech
Section cancelled (12/4/14)

ECON-300-001 Environmental Econ
Section cancelled (10/28/14)

ECON-400-001 Personal Econ
Day change to only meeting MW (10/28/14)

EDUC-215-001 Ed Psych
Time change to MWF 1:25-2:20pm (11/3/14)

EDUC-280-002 Child and Adol Lit
Section added (11/20/14)

ENGL-103-002 Composition
Section cancelled (12/19/14)

ENGL-104-010 Comp and Lit
Section added (11/24/14)

ENGL-201/210 News Reporting/Newspaper
Sections cancelled, but ENGL-286-001 added (12/19/14)

ENGL/LBST-212-001 Writing in Liberal Arts
Time change to MWF 12:20pm (11/17/14)

ENGL-307-005/006 Argumentative Writing
Section 005 added (10/31/14)
Section 006 added (11/24/14)

ENGL-307-006 Argumentative Writing
Section cancelled (1/7/15)

HIST-105-002 World Hist to 1500
Section cancelled (12/4/14)

HIST-105-003 World Hist to 1500
Section added (12/9/14)

HIST-373-001 History of S Africa
Section cancelled (12/4/14)

INTP-481-001 Practicum
Section added (11/13/14)

ITAL-102-001 Intro to Italian
Time change to MWF 2:30pm (11/17/14)

MATH-112-001 College Algebra
Section cancelled (12/19/14)

MATH-130-006 Intro to Statistics
Section cancelled (12/17/14)
MATH-221-001 Calculus II
Time change to MWF 9:05am (10/28/14)

MATH-255-001 Math Elem and Mid Tchrs
Time change to M 5-8pm (11/10/14)

MATH-270-001 Managerial Math
Time change to MWF 1:25pm (10/28/14)

MGMT-243-002 Interpersonal Mgmt Skills
Section cancelled (12/3/14)

MGMT-449-002 Global Stategic Mgmt
Section added (12/10/14)

MGMT-481/MKTG-451 Practicum
Time change to F 11:15am (10/28/14)

MGMT-490-001/002 Intl Business
Time change to 6-8pm (11/12/14)

MUSC-300-001 Music for Classroom Teacher
Time change to MW 11:15-12:10pm (11/3/14)
Time change to F 1:25-3:25pm (11/24/14)

MUVO-168/171/368/371 Applied Lessons
Meeting time change to 1:00pm (10/31/14)

NURS-301-001 Death and Dying
Time change to 3-6pm (11/10/14)

Sections added (11/12/14)

NURS-482-002 Prof Nurs Clin Synth
Travel section added (10/30/14)

PSYC-270-001 Intrvwng and Helping Relationship
Section cancelled (12/18/14)

PSYC-270-002 Intrvwng and Helping Relationship
Time change to Wed 5:00-8:00pm (10/27/14)

RLST-160-008 Intro to Theology
Section added (11/13/14)

RLST-352-001 Women and Religion
Section added (11/13/14)

RLST-380-001 Environmental Spirituality
Section added (11/17/14)

SOCL-244/344/001 Social Gerontology
Sections added (11/4/14)

SPAN-102-001 Elem Spanish
Time change to MWF 10:10am (11/21/14)

SPAN-314-001 Survey of Spanish Lit
Time change to MWF 1:25pm (10/27/14)

SPAN-367-001 Spanish for Health Care
Course format change to online (11/10/14)

SPAN-412-001 Intro Translation and Interpretation
Time change to MWF 2:30pm (11/10/14)

SUST-360-001 Sustainability Policy Plan
Section added (12/17/14)

SUST-495-001 Sustainability Capstone
Section added (10/28/14)

THTR-221-001 Voice and Speech II
Time change to MW 1:25pm (11/3/14)

THTR-244-001 West Thtr Hist Lit
Time change to MWF 11:15am (10/31/14)

THTR-320-001 Drama Rep
Time change to TR 2:00pm (11/3/14)

THTR-365-001 Computer Aided Drafting
Time change to MWF 11:15am (10/29/14)

THTR-354-001 Sound Video Studio
Time change to TR 12:30pm (11/10/14)

THTR-465-001 Playwriting
Time change to MW 11:15am (11/3/14)
Section cancelled (12/8/14)

VUSM-151-001 Beauty and Art
Time change to MWF 10:10am (11/3/14)

VUSM-252-001 Women in Theatre
Time change to TR 9:30am (11/3/14)

VUSM-300-006 Common Good
Time change to TR 12:30pm (10/27/14)

VUSM-340-001 Lakota Great Plains
Time change to MWF 11:15am (10/27/14)

VUSM-431-001 Ethl Life New Test Gosp
Section cancelled (1/5/15)

Adult Learning Changes  

COMM-150-009 Fund of Speech
Section cancelled (12/8/14)

CRMJ-280-001 Corrections
Section cancelled (12/8/14)

CRMJ-365-002 Interview Report Writing
Section cancelled (12/8/14)

ENGL-104-009 Comp and Lit
Section cancelled (12/8/14)

HIST-304-001 The Holocaust
Section added (10/29/14)

MATH-091-002 Elem Algebra
Section cancelled (12/11/14)

NURS-340-003/005 Nursing Transitions
Section 003 cancelled (11/4/14)
Section 005 added (12/19/14)

NURS-353-003/005 Professional Nursing
Section 003 cancelled (11/4/14)
Section 005 added (12/19/14)

NURS-447-001 Env Hlth in Nursing
Section cancelled (12/9/14)

OMGT-402-003 Ethical Leadership
Section added (12/23/14)

OMGT-410-002 Operations Mgmt
Section added (12/8/14)

ORST-495-001 Org Studies Capstone
Section cancelled (12/8/14)

PHIL-302-001 Environmental Philosophy
Section cancelled (12/8/14)

PSYC-305-002 Psychopharmacology
Section cancelled (12/16/14)

RLST-342-002 Perspective in Christian Theology
Date and night change to W 1/12-3/3 (11/4/14)

RLST-342-006 Persp in Christian Theology
Section added (1/5/15)

RLST-356-001 Servant Ldrshp Perspectives
Date and night change to T 3/16-5/5 (11/4/14)

RLST-356-005 Srvnt Ldrshp Perspectives
Section cancelled (12/11/14)

RLST-356-007  Servant Leadership Persp
Section added (1/5/15)

RLST-433-002 Faith Prac World Rel 
Date change to 3/16-5/5 (11/4/14)

SOCL-354-002 Soc Change Soc Movements
Section cancelled (12/11/14)

THTR-100-002 Theatre Apprec
Section cancelled (12/10/14)

VUSM-471/472-003 Unified Mission Seminar I/II
Sections added (12/3/14)

Graduate Studies Changes   

BLAW-530-001/002 Ethcl Lgl Decn Making
Section 001 - change to 2nd half of semester (10/30/14)
Section 002 - addition (10/30/14)

COUN-591-001 Substance Abuse Coun
Section cancelled (12/18/14)

EDUC-602-001/002/003 Research II
Sections added (10/31/14)

EDUL-636-002 Prin II Org Mgmt
Dates changed (11/10/14)

EDUL-638-001 Legal Aspects of Educ
Dates changed (11/10/14)

EDUP-516-001 Tech Enhanced Inst
Dates change to 1/12-3/6 (11/14/14)

EDUP-590-001 Middle/High School Theory
Section added (11/10/14)

MGMT-525-001 Sys Change Strategies
Meeting dates changed (11/4/14)

MGMT-550-002 Bus Strat Sust Ent
Section added (11/10/14)

MGMT-584-002 Adv Bus Comm
Change to Monday night meetings (11/18/14)
Change 2nd face to face meeting to Feb 16 (12/16/14)

MGMT-590-001/002 Intl Business
Time change to 6-8pm (11/12/14)

SVLD-546-002 ST Grant Writing
Section cancelled (12/11/14)

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