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Fall 2014 Schedule Addendum

This addendum will reflect all course section additions, cancellations, or time/date changes since the schedule was released on March 21, 2014.  Please check the VitNet Search for Sections component for changes to instructors and/or rooms.

Traditional Undergraduate 

AADM-350-001 Managing Visual Arts Orgs
Section cancelled (8/6/14)

ARTS-105-002 Intro to Art
Section added (9/18/14)
Section cancelled (10/15/14)

ARTS-489-001 Adv Studio Problems
Section cancelled (8/26/14)

BIOL-296-007/008 Microbiology
Sections added (4/16/14)

BIOL-353-001 Intro to Neuroscience
Time change to MWF 2:30-3:25pm (3/26/14)

BLAW-343-003 Legal Env of Business
Section added (7/28/14)

CHEM-330-001 Analytical Chemistry
Section cancelled (6/6/14)

CHEM-360-001 Physical Chem I
Time change to MWF 3:35-4:30pm (3/26/14)

COMM-140-001 Prin Visual Comm
Section cancelled (8/19/14)

CRMJ-240-001 Crim Proc Evid Investigation
Section cancelled (5/20/14)

CRMJ-320-001 Admin of Justice
Section cancelled (7/31/14)

CRMJ-470-001 Ethics in Criminal Justice
Section cancelled (6/26/14)

DANC-322-001 Stretching and Flexibility
Section cancelled (6/16/14)

DANC-330-001 Tap Dance II
Section cancelled (7/28/14)

EDUC-150-002 Intro to Education
Section added (7/3/14)

EDUC-343-001 Fam Comm Partnerships
Time change to Monday 9:05-11:05a (3/28/14)

ENGL-104-001 Comp and Lit
Section cancelled (7/18/14)

ENGL-346-001 Women Writers to 1700
Section cancelled (7/18/14)

ENGL-401-001 Tutoring of Wrtng
Section cancelled (7/18/14)

ENGL-105-005/006 Accelerated Composition
Sections added (6/20/14)

ESCI-103-001 Earth Science
Lab Time changed to T 2:00-3:20pm (4/8/14)

FREN-101-001 Beginning French
Section cancelled (7/16/14)

HIST-101-002 Western Civ to 1600
Section cancelled (3/25/14)

HIST-112-002 US since 1865
Section added (10/2/14)

INTP-301-001 Intro Intprtng Prin
Section changed to first 8 weeks online (4/25/14)

ITAL-101-001 Intro to Italian
Time change to MWF 2:30-3:25pm (4/7/14)

LASP-316-001 US Latino Literature
Section cancelled (7/10/14)

MATH-130-001 Intro Stats
Section cancelled (7/30/14)

MATH-130-003 Intro Statistics
Section cancelled (8/22/14)

MATH-355-001 Content and Meth Math II
Day change to Mondays (4/2/14)

MGMT-341-002 Prin of Management
Section added (5/21/14)
Section cancelled (7/28/14)

MUSC-101 Class Piano
Section 001 time change to MW 8:00am (7/28/14)
Section 002 cancelled (7/28/14)

MUSC-151-001 Music Theory I
Time change to MWF 1:25-2:20pm (6/11/14)

MUSC-205-001 Piano Prof II
Time change to TR 11:00am (8/13/14)

NURS-332-003 Child Health Nursing
Time change on R to 10:00-11:50am (4/3/14)

NURS-342-003 Pathophysiology
Section added (3/26/14)

NUTR-400-001 Ldrshp in Food Mgmt
Day change to MF (7/10/14)

NUTR-471-001 Supr Prac Med Nutr Therapy
Meeting changes (see VitNet) (7/10/14)

PHYS-250-001 General Physics I
Time change to MWF 9:05-10:00am (3/26/14)

PHYS-260-001 University Physics I
Time change to MWF 1:25-2:20pm (3/26/14)

PHYS-270-002 Physics Lab I
Section cancelled (3/28/14)

POSC-120-001 Intro to Political Science
Time change to MWF 10:10-11:05am (3/25/14)

PSYC-220-002 Lifespan Development
Time change to TR 8:00-9:20am (4/1/14)

RLST-160-006 Intro to Theology
Section cancelled (4/14/14)

RLST-342-002 Prspctv Christian Theology
Time changed to MF 8:00-9:25am (4/14/14)

RLST-342-005 Prspctv Christian Theology
Section added (4/14/14)

SOCL-320-002 Racial and Ethnic Groups
Section cancelled (7/1/14)

SOCL-448-001 Org Behavior and Development
Section added (3/25/14)

SOCL/SOWK-456-001 Snr Capstone Gerontology
Section cancelled (6/9/14)

SOWK-486-001 ST Transfer Student Bridge Course
Section added (4/16/14)

SPAN-101-001 Elem Spanish
Section cancelled (7/16/14)

SPAN-416-001 Morphology and Syntax
Section added (4/25/14)

THTR-160-001 Stagecraft
Section cancelled (7/28/14)

THTR-365-001 Computer Aided Drafting
Section cancelled (8/6/14)

VUSM-100-004 Franciscan Values
Section added - Honors (6/27/14)

VUSM-140-001 de las Casas Legacy
Section cancelled (3/26/14)

VUSM-200-007 Living in Diverse World
Section added (5/1/14)
Section cancelled (7/28/14)

VUSM-201-001 Cultrl Div Glbl Bus
Section cancelled (4/7/14)

VUSM-300-004 Serving the Common Good
Section cancelled (3/25/14)

VUSM-325-001 Common Good Life Christian
Section added (3/25/14)

VUSM-390-001 Relg Poltcs Serv Ldrshp
Section cancelled (3/26/14)

VUSM-400-005 The Ethical Life
Day/Time change to Monday 6:00-9:00pm (3/25/14)

VUSM-431-001 Ethl Life New Test Gosp
Section cancelled (7/30/14)

Adult Learning 

ADCT-330-001 Rsrch for Sub Abuse Prof
Section cancelled (8/5/14)

ARTS-105-002 Intro to Art
Section cancelled (8/18/14)

ENGL-103-009 Composition
Section cancelled (8/5/14)

ENGL-307-006 Argumentative Writing
Section cancelled (7/8/14)

ENGL-345-001 European Novel
Section cancelled (8/5/14)

ENGL-354-002 Western Masterpieces
Section added (8/26/14)

HIST-352-002 Wom Amer Hist to 1900
Section cancelled (8/5/14)

HIST-359-001 The 20th Century
Day change to R nights (3/26/14)
Section cancelled (8/5/14)

HIST-359-003 The 20th Century
Section cancelled (7/8/14)

HIST-359-006 The 20th Century
Section added (8/26/14)
Section cancelled (10/7/14)

HMGT-320-003 Hlth Care Pol Del Syst
Section added (8/14/14)

INFO-200-002 Mgmt Info Sys Concept Appl
Section added (9/30/14)

MUSC-109-004/005 Music Apprec
Section 004 added (8/18/14)
Section 005 added (9/30/14)

NURS-303-001Spirituality Hlth Healing
Section added (4/17/14)
Section cancelled (8/27/14)

NURS-340-001/004 Nursing Transitions
Sections cancelled (8/13/14)

NURS-353-001/004 Prof Nursing
Sections cancelled (8/13/14)

NURS-447-001 Env Hlth in Nursing
Section cancelled (4/17/14)

OMGT-302-001 Business Communication
Section cancelled (9/29/14)

OMGT-305-001 Meth Stat Research
Section added (4/3/14)

OMGT-306-001 Managing and Leading
Section cancelled (9/29/14)

PHIL-321-003/004 Ethics and Medicine
Section 004 cancelled (7/8/14)
Section 003 cancelled (8/18/14)

RLST-342-006/007 Perspective Christian Theology
Section 006 added (5/16/14)
Section 007 added (8/14/14)

RLST-356-001/002 Srvnt Ldrshp Persp
Section 002 added (8/14/14)
Section 001 cancelled (8/18/14)

VUSM-471/472-003 Unified Mission Seminar I and II
Sections added (5/8/14)

Graduate Studies 

ACCT-546-001 Fncl Prfmc Mngrl Acct
Section added (8/6/14)

COUN-695-002 Counseling Internship
Section cancelled (8/4/14)

COUN-696-001 Adv Counseling Internship
Section added (8/4/14)

EDUL-608-002 Ldrshp for Lrng Mgmt
Section added (6/20/14)

EDUL-609-002 Schl Fam Comm Rltns
Section added (8/14/14)

EDUL-768-001 Practicum Dirctr Instruction
Face to face meeting dates changed (6/24/14)

EDUL-768-002 Practicum Dirctr Instruction
Section added (6/24/14)

EDUP-515-001 Ed Psyc
Section added (8/4/14)

EDUP-550-001 Intro to Educ
Section added (8/4/14)

INTP-501-001 Intro Intrprtng Prin
Section cancelled (4/25/14)

MGMT-512-001 Leadership Skills in Orgs
Change to Monday night (8/6/14)

MGMT-550-001/002 Bus Strat Sust Entrprs
Date change to second eight weeks (4/7/14)

MGMT-584-001 Adv Busn Comm
Date change to first eight weeks (4/7/14)
Date change to second eight weeks (8/6/14)

NURS-820-001 DNP Essntl Clin Prac
Section added (8/14/14)

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