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Reserve a Viterbo University Fleet Vehicle

  • Viterbo University fleet vehicles are reserved through the physical plant department. Fleet vehicles are for Viterbo business use only. The fleet of vehicles consists of three five-passenger cars and two seven-passenger vans.
  • Email both Dennis Kolb ( and Linda Kneifl ( for your fleet vehicle requests only. Do not call for reservations. Your request should include the type of vehicle required (car or van), as well as the times you will be picking up and returning the vehicle. A return email will be sent to confirm and verify all reservations. Keys, credit cards, and any necessary forms are available at the physical plant office, 727 Winnebago Street. Gas credit cards are for fuel purchases only. No food, beverage, or personal purchases are allowed. The fleet vehicles are located between residence lot E and physical plant lot K. Return all vehicles to this area when travel is completed and fill the gas tank if there is less than one-half tank remaining.
  • Inside the vehicle is a Fleet Vehicle Charge Authorization form that needs to be filled out entirely. When the vehicle is returned, the keys, gas charge slips, and charge authorization form needs to be dropped off at the physical plant. There is a drop box at the physical plant service back door for after hours returns or if no one is available in the office. Campus security officers are not permitted to accept vehicle keys. Remove your personal belongings along with any trash from the vehicle.
  • If a student will be driving a fleet vehicle a Student Waiver and Release form and a Student Driver Authorization form must be completed by the student. These forms are also available at the physical plant office. The Student Driver Authorization form must also be signed by a Viterbo employee of the department approving and supervising the outing. A Viterbo employee must accompany each vehicle that is traveling outside of the La Crosse area.
  • Each vehicle is equipped with an winter emergency kit and an infectious disease kit located in the trunk of the cars or back compartment of the vans. In case of an accident, call 911. Viterbo does have roadside service; the information card is in the glove box. If the vehicle requires towing, have the vehicle taken to the nearest authorized dealership for diagnosis or repair. In the case of an accident, towing service and vehicle rental are covered by Viterbo's insurance. However, for vehicle breakdowns, towing service and vehicle rentals are not covered by Viterbo's insurance. Reimbursement will be made by the business office for any expenses you may incur.

For more information, see Fleet Vehicle Policy.

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