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New Media Production Room

The Learning Commons (room 248) has added a new resource to help faculty introduce technology into their classes. We created a media production room with good quality headsets and a Mac and a PC with software to create screencasts of lectures, convert PowerPoints, and other media that can be loaded onto the streaming server for use in Moodle.

The room has soundproofing on the walls and the ceiling to help keep out stray noise from the hallway and to prevent recordings from having a hollow sound. Both computers have the Office and Adobe suites installed. The Mac has a program called Screenflow, and the PC has Camtasia. These software packages will record anything on the computer screen as well as a webcamera, so you can record both a presentation and yourself. They both allow insertion of other images, audio and video as well.

To learn more or to reserve the room, email Vicke Denniston.

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