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Video Tools Roundup(1)

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Instructional videos are a great way to connect with your students and provide feedback.  There are tools available that can provide a recordable whiteboard, a recorded PowerPoint presentation, a screencast of how to navigate through a website, or recorded notes on a student's paper.  Below are a roundup of those tools for any kind of video response. 

Camtasia and Screenflow are two powerful screencasting, video recording and editing softwares.  They allow you to record your screen, annotate video with arrow and text, trim sections of video, record powerpoints, and more.  There is a feature in Camtasia that allows you to record from your webcam at the same time as you capture a screencast, letting your students see your face as you present content.  You can also export into a variety of formats.  These tools are available in the Media Production lab in the Learning Commons.

WeVideo and Mozilla Popcorn Maker are two online video production tools.  WeVideo provides similar tools to Camtasia, but for free.  The limitor for WeVideo is that you can only produce items to YouTube or Google Drive.  You can't take the file with you as easily as a tool like Screenflow or Camtasia.  Mozilla Popcorn Maker lets you annotate and collect video that already exists online.  You can insert pop-ups, loop sections, add Google maps or images, and create an interesting new piece from existing video.

ScreenChomp is a simple and intuitive iPad app that provides a recordable screen or whiteboard.  It truly works like a recordable whiteboard with an eraser, three colored markers, and a useful quick wipe feature.  You can insert images and rotate or skew them very easily by using two fingers.  Recordings are automatically uploaded to or to Facebook if you log in.  This would be an excellent app for sharing quick explanations, or if you would like to have students explain a concept in class.  This app is free.

Explain Everything is one of my favorite iPad apps because it is so robust.  You can insert images from the camera, your iPad’s photos, DropBox, or Evernote.  You can record one slide at a time, or continue through multiple slides and narrate each one.  You can also insert special shapes, write with different colors, or type text on the screen.  It also lets you delete objects you’ve inserted, which is helpful if you decide not to use a particular element.    Finally, and most helpful, you can export your movie or project file to email, YouTube, DropBox, or Evernote.  All video save in MP4 format, which can be viewed on any device.  This app is definitely worth the $2.99 price tag.

Coach's Eye is an iPad app originally designed for coaches to provide feedback to athletes.  You record someone with the app, and can then insert voice-over commentary, highlight sections, and slow down portions of the video for analysis.  Instructors have used this to provide feedback on student speeches in past cohorts.

Depending on what you are looking for, you have lots of options when it comes to video feedback.  If you have other tools or resources to share, please do so in the comments.

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