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1.7.01    Co-Education
1.7.02    Academic Departments & Services
1.7.03    Adult & Extended Learning
1.7.04    Teacher Education
1.7.05    Support Services
1.7.06    School of Education Graduate Programs
1.7.07    School of Nursing
1.7.08    School of Fine Arts
1.7.09    Art Department
1.7.10    Theatre and Music Theatre Department
1.7.11    Music Department
1.7.12    Nutrition & Dietetics Department
1.7.13    Discontinued Programs
1.7.14    Change from Departments to Schools (Fall 1994)
1.7.15    Reserve Officers' Training Corps (R.O.T.C.): Information and
                 Correspondence between Viterbo and the University of Wisconsin-
                 La Crosse (UW-L)
1.7.16    School of Education
1.7.17    School of Letters & Sciences
1.7.18    School of Business
1.7.19    School of Servant Leadership Graduate Program
1.7.20    School of Business Graduate Program
1.7.21    School of Nursing Graduate Programs
1.7.22    Biology Department
1.7.23    Professional Mentor Program 

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