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Institutional Advancement

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Employee Campaign

What is the Employee Campaign?
The employee campaign is an annual event in which employees are asked to financially support Viterbo University.

How does this help Viterbo University?
In addition to the giver’s intention to contribute to opportunities for students, the employee campaign has a larger impact on fundraising potential for Viterbo. A high percentage of employee participation serves as a catalyst for external funding.

  • Alumni are much more likely to support their alma mater if they know those who work there support it.
  • Businesses and prospective benefactors are much more likely to make a financial commitment to Viterbo if those closest to home are supporting it.
  • Employee support is a sign of institutional strength.
  • A high participation rate in the Employee Campaign speaks volumes for Viterbo when submitting grant applications to a variety of foundations.

What is the Viterbo University Employee Campaign Participation Rate?
Over 70% of all full-time and permanent part-time administrators, faculty, and staff of Viterbo University participate in the annual employee campaign.

How do I participate?

  • Pledges can be made through payroll deduction (doc), cash, credit card, or electronic transfer of funds.
  • Gifts may be designated to a specific project or program as “restricted gifts” or may be given to the general fund as “unrestricted gifts.”
  • Employees fill out a payroll deduction authorization form or a pledge form.

Vision for the Viterbo University Employee Campaign 
The Viterbo University Employee Campaign will engage an increasing number of participants, raise the percentage of participation and result in an increase in the total dollars of the per-participant giving by developing relationships and facilitating information sharing.

For more information, contact Institutional Advancement at 796-3070.

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