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What are the email server settings for my phone or email client?

Most phones you will need to choose “Exchange Active Sync” or“Corporate Sync” to get the correct path to set up Viterbo email. IMAP and POP3 will not work.

If adding from on-campus, be sure to connect to the VITERBO-STUDENT Wireless Network first, open a browser and log in on your phone (same as with a laptop). This will speed up the connection when adding an account, and in some cases won’t work until you do this step.

Iphone, Windows, Andriod, Droid, HTC, and Samsung

Server: mail.exchange.viterbo.edu



Choose “work” for account type.

“Outlook Web URL” is also sometimes listed as type.

Server: https://mail.exchange.viterbo.edu/owa


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