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Tuition Remission and Exchange Programs

Tuition Remission Program

  • Full-time employee eligible upon employment. Spouse and dependent children eligible after employee completes one full year of employment for undergraduate programs. Spouse and dependent children may attend during the academic year only, no summer classes.
  • Employees are expected to pay any activity fees, room and board charges, computer fees, and the like.
  • The employee and student must complete the financial aid application process for any state, federal or private grants for which they may be eligible.
  • The employee must complete the appropriate application with human resources each academic year.
  • For the specific policy, please visit the Personnel Policies, Administrative Procedures, and Regulations Handbook (pdf).

Contact the director of human resources at 608-796-3930 or for more information or download the tuition remission application (pdf).

Tuition Exchange Program

  • Dependent children eligible after one full year of full-time employment.
  • Provides educational opportunities to eligible dependent children of faculty and staff to participate in a tuition exchange program with members of the Council of Independent Colleges, Catholic College Cooperative, and Tuition Exchange. Eligible students must be admitted by the corresponding colleges.
  • The programs are designed for college-aged dependent children who are enrolled as full-time students in an undergraduate, degree-seeking program.
  • Eligible dependent children are those who are a natural child, step-child, or a child legally adopted or for whom you have been granted court-appointed custody before that child attained age 16 and who is primarily dependent on the faculty/staff member for financial support as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, IRS code.
  • In instances when more than one employee wishes to apply for the tuition exchange benefit for his/her dependent at a specific institution, and the number of available spaces at that institution is limited, the dependent of the employee with the greatest number of years of continuous current service will be granted priority.
  • Viterbo cannot guarantee participation in the exchange program.

Contact the admission counselor at 608-796-3013 or director of human resources at 608-796-3930 or for more information or download the tuition exchange application (pdf).

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