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Human Resources

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Health Insurance

Viterbo University sponsors a self-funded health insurance plan for its full-time employees. Coverage begins on the 1st day of the month following the employee start date, for an employee electing to participate in the health plan. Annual deductibles are $250 for single coverage, and $500 in the aggregate for family coverage. After the deductibles are met, the plan will pay, on a customary, usual and reasonable basis, 85% of the next $2,500 (single coverage) or $5,000 (family coverage) in covered expenses, and 100% thereafter for the remainder of the contract year, subject to the plan maximum. Annual out of pocket limits are $625 for an individual, and $1,250 for family coverage.

Currently, Viterbo University pays 82% of the total premium, with the employee paying the remaining 18% of the premium on a pre-tax basis. Therefore, the employee portion of health insurance premiums is $113.46/month for single coverage, and $275.70/month for family coverage. Premiums subject change May 1, 2015.

Preferred Provider PPO, medical networks allow you to go to specific clinics and specific hospitals.

List of providers GundLuth (pdf) or FSH.

Health Plan Booklet (pdf)

Express Care Program
The express care program is intended to reduce office visit costs for the health care plan. Express care services provide for quick and affordable service for common conditions such as sore throats, sinus pain, bladder infections, ear infections, pink eye, etc., as well as some on-site lab testing and a written prescription, if needed. The express care visit presently costs $45-50.  For this plan year, the cost of each visit to an express care facility will be billed to our health insurance plan, and you will be responsible for a $25 copayment for each visit. The $25 copayment is not applied to plan deductibles or coinsurance.

Deductible Per Plan YearEmployee's percent Co-Payment Employee's Monthly Premium Premium Per Pay Period 24 Pay Periods
$250 individual 15% of next $2,500 $113.46/month $56.73
$500 family 15% of next $5,000 $275.70/month$137.85

Prescription Drug Program

Employee pays $15 for generic drugs; $30 for physician prescribed brand name drugs, or $40 for brand name when a generic is available. These charges are not applied toward the deductible. Must be enrolled in the group health insurance. For ongoing maintenance medication, Viterbo offers employees the option of receiving a 90-day supply of medication from National Pharmaceutical Services (NPS).

Dental Insurance

Viterbo University sponsors a sponsors a self-funded dental  insurance plan for its full-time employees. Coverage begins on the 1st day of the month following the employee start date, for an employee electing to participate in the dental plan. Employees may elect to purchase single or family coverage. Employees pay 100% of the premium, with the premiums deducted from gross pay on a pre-tax basis. For the current plan year, single coverage premiums are $35.36/month and family coverage premiums are $106.12/month. Premiums subject to change May 1, 2015.

Summary of Dental Benefits

List of Providers

Employees must enroll in health or dental insurance within the first 30 days of employment. Employees may only enroll for coverage later within 30 days of a qualifying event. Please see Human Resources for more information on a qualifying event.

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