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Global Education

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Study Abroad

Getting Started

Important Things to Know About Study Abroad

Academic credit is available

With proper planning, it should be possible to meet general education, major, or minor requirements through a study abroad program that will count toward your Viterbo degree. If you are interested in volunteering abroad, there are some options that are not for degree credit as well.

Foreign language study is recommended, but not required

Fluency in a foreign language is not a requirement for participation. However, language study is encouraged when participating in programs in non-English speaking areas. This credit can be used toward your general education requirements, or if you study abroad in a Spanish speaking country, it could count toward a Spanish Major/Minor or Latin American Studies Minor. Many programs have as their primary purpose becoming fluent in another language. However, there are also many programs, in a variety of destinations, taught entirely or partly in English.

Financial aid can be used to pay for the experience

You may use federal and state financial aid to pay for the experience. Although any scholarship that you are awarded (need based or academic) through Viterbo will not be available during your time abroad, the Office of Global Education offers a study abroad scholarship. By having the application submitted by Feb.1, you are automatically considered for the scholarship for the following academic year. Many programs have their own scholarships as well, and there are some places in the world which are seeking to attract international students whose governments may actually provide financial assistance. A list of sources for funding study abroad (pdf) has been compiled in which you may apply. Figuring out financial aid oftentimes brings up many questions. Here are the answers to the some of the most frequently asked questions regarding financial assistance.

Advance planning is crucial

Although you may not go abroad until your junior or senior year it is important to begin thinking and planning for it now. If you have an idea what you may want to study early on, that will direct your course selection while at Viterbo. Advance planning may allow you to graduate in a timely manner without extending your time at Viterbo. For some majors (nursing and dietetics) it is impossible to fit in a semester abroad without adding time to your program. If this is your situation, consider Viterbo's short-term courses or a summer program.

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