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Communications and Marketing

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All-campus Email Policy

Email technology and messaging has become a wonderful and time saving tool for many work-related issues. But spam and mass emails can overload our inbox and computer server. Viterbo University has a number of communication vehicles that help you spread messages about campus events without using email.

The following vehicles are available for communication to faculty, staff, and/or students:

    • VU Today: Daily notices and calendar items Monday–Friday, distributed to all students and staff via all campus email. Send VU Today items to communication@viterbo.edu
    • Connections: Weekly employee newsletter distributed via email Monday morning to all employees. Deadline is Wednesday noon
    • Bulletin Boards: Approved and posted by communications and marketing. Quantities are 14 posters, no larger than 8.5”x11”, for on-campus university and club sponsored events and one copy for the common public board located near the library. Drop posters off at communications and marketing, Reinhart Center room 007.
    • All campus email: For use only for urgent, emergency, or official university notifications from offices such as the business office and human resources.

At times, however, email may be the only useful tool for disseminating information. For example, when an event is organized at the last minute and it is too late for publication dates, all-employee email can help communicate your message quickly and effectively.

As an overall rule, use of all-campus email is to be undertaken with prudence and courtesy to assure our computer server is not cluttered with unnecessary or inappropriate messaging that can better be distributed via some other vehicle. If you would like to take advantage of this system, keep in mind the following:

  • Use is restricted to news and announcements regarding Viterbo business and activities that are applicable to all employees. It is not intended to be used to conduct personal business or to promote/publicize a personal opinion, cause or ideal, or to serve as a discussion forum.
  • Short messages are appreciated and news/announcements will only appear once.
  • Attachments will not be allowed, however, Web-based links to a Viterbo University Web page that contains more detailed information are allowed.
  • If you wish to segment your message to faculty, contact Peg Beirne, Office of the Academic Vice President.
  • If you wish to segment your message to students, contact Diane Brimmer, vice president for Student Development.
  • In cases of extreme or urgent circumstances, a message can be distributed to the entire campus (students and employees).

Contact Pat Kerrigan, 608-796-3041 if you wish to use this service or have any other questions regarding the policies for sending email to all employee accounts.

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