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Mail Room

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Fax Services

Employees and students can receive or send Fax transmissions in the CMMC, for the walk-up Deparment MFD (copier).

The Fax number is 608-796-3050, and the name of the recipient should be listed on the Fax cover page of all incoming faxes.

Directions to send a Fax vary depending on the type of Fax sent, but there are instructions attached to the MDF describing the different ways to send a Fax or you can ask for assistance from the CMMC personnel.

Outgoing Fax charges are listed below:

Local faxes are free
Long distance faxes can be charged to an employee long distance code or a flat fee of $.25
International faxes can be charged to an employee long distance code or a flat fee of $.50

Outgoing Faxes should be paid for at the time the fax is sent. Long distance and Internation Faxes can also be charged to employee long distance code or a calling card.

Cover sheets are available for Outgoing Faxes.

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