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Career Services

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Speed Mock Interviewing

Fall Semester:  November 11, 2014
Spring Semester:  March 24, 2015
5:30-8:00 p.m.
Fine Arts Center Main Floor Lobby

(Registration Required:  Watch for posters and email announcements). 

Take part in a mock interviewing event done in a speed dating format with Viterbo alumni and area professionals.  Practice your interview skills for internship or job search. Enjoy free hors d'oeuvres and network with area professionals who hire people like yourself.

  • Business casual dress required.
  • Registration limited. 
  • Register by visiting the Career Services office (MRC 374) or emailing careers@viterbo.edu.  

Practice before the event on Optimal Resume and Interview Prep

Create an account using your campus email address, click on "Interview Prep," review directions, turn your webcam on and begin interviewing.  Software works well on Firefox and Chrome browsers.  You can later watch your interview to critique your performance and plan improvements.   

Before the Event

  1. Know what your are going to wear.  This is not a blue jean, T-shirt, tennis shoe event.  Take a look at some information about business casual dress and some images of business casual dress.    
  2. Review basic interview guidelines.  Interviewers are going to be looking for professional demeanor, substantive answers (include examples, details, and depth in answers), and descriptions of your  marketable qualifications.
  3. Think about how you would answer some of the typical interview questions:

    Tell me about yourself.
    Why did you major in _______?
    What are your strengths?  weaknesses?
    How would your current or most recent supervisor describe you?
    Tell me about a time you made a mistake.
    What are your career plans?
    How do you define professionalism?
    Tell me about an accomplishment your are proud of.
    Describe a time you demonstrated good problem solving skills.
    Describe the process you use to prioritize and plan your work.
    Tell me about a time you utilized effective listening and communication skills to resolve a problem.
    How have your educational, work, and life experiences prepared you for your career?
    Tell me about a project you were involved in where you were an effective team player.  Or, an effective leader.
    Tell me about a goal you set and accomplished.
    Why should we hire you?  

  4. Practice verbalizing a few answers to interview questions, as there can be a significant learning curve between knowing what you want to convey and being able to convey it in a logical, coherent, persuasive manner.  If you're not sure about how to answer some of the predictable interview questions, check out the websites listed below:

                    Interview Questions and Answers
                    How to Answer 10 Tough Interview Questions
                    Ten Tough Interview Quesions and Ten Great Answers 

 5.  Know how to answer behavioral questions, such as "Tell me about a time you demonstrated good decision making skills" or         "Tell me about a time you had conflict  with a peer."  One formula for such questions is to use the acronym STAR in 
      formulating your answer.  An explanation of that acronym is outlined below:
        Specific Situation
ask or Challenge
        Action You Took
        Results--what happened and what you learned         

        Questions about the event?  Call Career Services at 608-796-3828.






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