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Career Services

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Reporting & Registering for an Internship

There are a number of steps involved in arranging internships.  Many times you will initially discuss possible sites with your academic advisor and the Community Engagement Coordinator.  Many students then become involved in an internship search, using multiple strategies (i.e., online job banks, company websites, VHawk Job Talk, career fairs, networking activities) to find the best possible opportunity. 

Once you have identified your internship site, you will utilize the internship module of the Viterbo University job bank, VHawk Job Talk, following the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to the Career Services homepage at www.viterbo.edu/careers
  2. Click on VHawk Job Talk logo
  3. Click on Undergraduate Students
  4. Enter your username and password and click Log In
  5. Under My Account, My Profile, Demographic Information make sure that Applicant Type includes Intern
  6. On left panel under I Want To click on Report an Internship Placement
  7. Select Internship Term from drop down menu (semester you will be completing your internship)
  8. Enter Organization Name (your internship site)
  9. Enter Internship Job Title (“Intern” if no specific title) and Save
  10. Enter the following information:
  • Department (within organization if applicable)
  • Internship Start Date (first official day of the semester or later
  • Internship End Date (Last official day of the semester or sooner)
  • Wage Info (Paid by organization or Unpaid internship-prior to grant pay if eligible)
  • Paid by Grant (Yes if you have received information stating that you are eligible)
  • Wage/Salary (enter amount, if applicable)
  • Pay Per (regarding wage/salary amount entered above-not regarding pay periods)Additional Compensation (other benefits offered by internship organization)
  • Organization’s Website (only leave blank if they don’t have one)
  • Briefly describe type of business/service provided by organization (what do they do, who do they serve, etc.)
  • Briefly describe proposed internship duties (from your internship job description or conversation with supervisor-what will you be doing?)
  • Supervisor’s Name
  • Supervisor’s Job Title
  • Address of Organization
  • Supervisor’s Telephone Number
  • Supervisor’s email address (check for accuracy)
  • Expected Graduation Month & Year
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Class Status (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior or Senior)
  • Major
  • Minor (if applicable or is double major enter it here)
  • Department you are receiving credit from (registering for e.g.  MGMT, CRMJ)
  • Course # (287 is for students with freshmen or sophomore standing, 487 is for students who have 61+ credits or juniors and seniors)
  • Credits and Minimum Hours (# of credits you are registering for-maximum of 9 during summer semester)
  • Estimated Hours per Week (at or on behalf of your internship)
  • Academic Advisor’s Name
  • Academic Advisor’s Email (check for accuracy)
  • Crime convictions and explanation (felonies, serious misdemeanors – not speeding, disorderly conduct, etc.)
  • Career Goal
  • Form of transportation you will be using for internship  

11. Under Miscellaneous Information, you must enter the student learning outcomes for your major/minor that you intend to apply/learn about at your internship.  These are available from the Community Engagement Coo9rdinator and your academic advisor or department.

  • If taking 1–3 credits, you need to enter at least 3 outcomes
  • If taking 4+ credits, you need to enter at least 4 outcomes
  • Enter how you will achieve (actions) and assess (measure) each outcome  

12. Enter your resume title and upload it (internship resume, general resume, resume for particular organization, etc.)

13. Save

The information will get emailed to your academic advisor for approval and then to your internship supervisor for approval.  Once they have approved, the Community Engagement Coordinator will contact you indicating when you can pick up your Change of Schedule form to take to the Registrar’s Office to get officially registered for the internship course. This must be done before the semester begins.




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