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Academic Resource Center (ARC)

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Graduate Writing Assistance

The Academic Resource Center provides writing assistance for graduate students at Viterbo University. For assistance, contact Lindsay Cummings at gradwriting@viterbo.edu. This service is primarily online, but in-person appointments can be arranged. Assistance is available for any paper (literature review, sections of a graduate thesis/dissertation, capstone paper, seminar paper, etc.), and the specialist can answer questions about formatting. The specialist will not proofread papers but instead will model correct writing practices. It is up to students to review the specialist's comments and make changes throughout their papers. 

Online Graduate Writing Assistance

  • Students should email their papers to gradwriting@viterbo.edu. In the email, please state the course and number, instructor's name, and program of study, and remember to attach the work to be reviewed.
  • Students can list any concerns they have about the paper and can identify specific areas of the paper that they would like reviewed. If specific sections are not identified, the specialist will simply review the paper from the beginning.
  • Students will receive an email confirming that the paper has been received and providing an approximate return day and time for the paper. The specialist will return the paper via email within 24 to 48 hours. If the volume of requests is extremely high, the turnaround time for the paper may exceed 48 hours. Students should allow for plenty of time when submitting papers due to the potential for high demand.
  • The specialist will review the paper for at least an hour (depending on paper length, quality of the writing, extent of the feedback, and volume of requests). If the specialist is unable to review the entire paper, students are welcome to resubmit the paper after taking time to review all the specialist's comments.
  • A NOTE ON RESUBMISSIONS: Resubmitted papers should show sufficient revisions and should reflect the feedback received from the specialist on the first draft.  If the changes are not sufficient, the specialist will stop reading the draft and will send it back encouraging that the necessary changes be made.
  • A NOTE ON PLAGIARISM: If the specialist encounters material in a student’s paper that has been plagiarized, the specialist will immediately stop reading the paper and will send it back to the student with an explanation of the issue (and CC: Jane Eddy). If the student plagiarizes a second time, the specialist will direct the student to Jane Eddy, Director of the ARC, and the student’s instructor will be contacted.

Face-to-Face Graduate Writing Assistance

  • Students should send an email to gradwriting@viterbo.edu requesting face-to-face assistance. In the email, state the course and number, instructor's name, and program of study. Again, students should allow for plenty of time when scheduling face-to-face appointments due to the potential for high demand and for scheduling purposes. The specialist will arrange a date, time, and place for the appointment within three days of receiving the request.

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