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Interpersonal Violence

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What to do if you are being stalked

Remember, if you are in immediate danger, contact campus security (796-3911) or local law enforcement (911).

Stalking is series of actions that cause a person to feel fear, so keep a log of all unwanted contact (calls, emails, gifts, messages, following, watching, property damage, contact through others). If the action, event, contact scared you, write it down. Also, contact campus or local law enforcement for each incident. By reporting each incident, evidence builds that the person is stalking you. Important evidence to include are:

  • Date and time of each incident.
  • Description of what it was (email, gift, contact from another person, damage to property, following you, etc.).
  • Witnesses, if any. 
  • How you felt, what you did (told someone besides police, checked out areas of your home/work, etc.).
  • If you reported it to police, write down date and time of report, officer's name, and report number. Ask for a copy of police report. 
  • Contact any of the resources listed on the Reporting Options (on-and off-campus) for information and help, like developing a safety plan or obtaining a court order to keep the stalker away.

Develop a safety plan. This includes things like:

  • Varying routes to and from work and/or school.
  • Find people to call or stay with you when don't feel safe.
  • Changing phone numbers, where you live, or changing class schedules.
  • A plan for what to do if the stalker comes to your home, dorm or work.
  • Try to go places with other people you know and trust who will look out for you. When out alone, avoid places where there are few people.
  • Campus security is always available to escort students to their dorms, apartments, cars, anywhere around campus.Click herefor how to contact them throughout the day/night.
  • It's true what they say about safety in numbers, so tell people around you (friends, co-workers, etc.) about the stalking and how they can help, like not giving out your phone number/address/work schedule/class schedule to anyone without your permission.

Do not communicate with the stalker or respond to any attempts to contact you.