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Interpersonal Violence

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How to help someone who has been assaulted

Faculty and staff who come in contact with a student who has been a victim of sexual assault should be gentle and concerned. Assure the student that for reporting purposes, names of victims are kept confidential. 

  1. Be there and listen. Do not be judgmental. Remember, the person assaulted is not at fault.
  2. Do not tell the person assaulted what they "should" do in terms of reporting, seeking help, etc. Ask what they want to do and support them in their decisions.
  3. Be patient. Being assaulted is not only a crime but a severe violation of someone's trust. It will take time to heal and cope. Recovery can be made easier for the person assaulted if they receive constant support by those around them.
  4. Offer to assist in obtaining medical care.
  5. Encourage the person to seek professional help. 

For more information, visit the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault Website