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Counseling Services

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Counseling RoomServices

Some common concerns may include: 

  • homesickness
  • loneliness
  • stress and anxiety
  • adjustment to transitions, loss, and/or grief
  • relationship issues
  • disordered eating
  • self esteem and body image
  • social concerns/social anxiety
  • depression
  • self-cutting, self-injury
  • suicidal behavior/suicide prevention
  • alcohol and substance abuse
  • personal safety
  • family issues
  • physical health concerns
  • financial concerns
  • post-trauma
  • domestic violence
  • sexual abuse/sexual assault

Referral Services

  • academic counselors and campus resources
  • psychological and psychiatric services in the community
  • medical health professionals
  • crisis centers
  • community mental health resources
  • community sexual assault services
  • support groups
  • Mayo Health System/Franciscan Skemp Behavioral Health Services
  • Gundersen Lutheran Behavioral Health Services
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