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Rec Sports

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Sport Clubs 

Important Dates

Fall 2014

Club Officer Training

Club Officer Roundtables have yet to be announced for the Fall 2014 semester.

Special Events / Weeks

Your club may want to coordinate an event during one or more of the many themed weeks or special events during the year.

Welcome Weeks
August 25 - September 5

Contact: Campus Activities

Healthy Living Week September 22 - 26Contact: Recreational Sports
Schedule: http://www.viterbo.edu/administration_and_services/Rec_Sports/Wellness/Healthy_Living_Week.aspx 
 Diversity Week
January 19-23
Contact: Campus Activities
Homecoming February 
Contact: Student Activities Board
Community Health Fair April Contact: Sue Danielson
With Out Worries Week Leading Up to Courtyard Carni April 27-
May 1
Contact: Student Activities Board
Courtyard Carni May 1
Contact: Student Activities Board



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