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Forfeit Deposit 

In order to participate in any intramural team league, all teams are required to turn in a $40 Forfeit Deposit. 

The Forfeit Deposit must be turned in at one of the Intramural Registration Help Stations or the Final Registration Help Station held prior to league play. The Western Wellness Center Member Services Desk and the Mathy Center Welcome Desk will not accept forfeit deposits. An intramural team is officially registered for their respective sport league once the minimum number of males and females are accepted to the team on IMleagues.com, the $40 Forfeit Deposit has been turned in, and the Captain's Quiz has been passed. Cash (exact change only) and checks are accepted. Check can be made out to the Mathy Center or Western Wellness Center. 

At the completion of the intramural sport league, if the team does not forfeit a competition during the course of the season, the $40 Forfeit Deposit will be returned. Forfeit Deposits must be picked up by the intramural team by the dates listed below"

  • Fall Season 1: By the registration deadline day for Fall Season 2. 
  • Fall Season 2: By the final day of finals week.
  • Spring Season 1: By the registration deadline day for Spring Season 2
  • Spring Season 2: By the final day of finals week

If the Forfeit Deposit has not been picked up within this time period, the $40 Forfeit Deposit will be kept by the Western/Viterbo intramural program. 

If the team forfeits or is removed from the league (removed by choice or at the discretion of the recreational sports staff), the $40 Forfeit Deposit will be kept by the Western/Viterbo Intramural program. 

Each team will be allowed a certain number of forfeits before the team is removed from the league.  The number of forfeits will be determined by the sport and size of league.  This determination will be made after scheduling is complete, and will be communicated before the first night of league play. 

Check out the dates/times/locations for the Intramural Registration Help Stations  

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