Sociology Transfer Articulation

Transfer students who have obtained an AA or AS (with a minimum of 63 transfer credits) degree can to complete the following course requirements to graduate with a Bachelor of Science or Arts in Sociology degree from Viterbo University.

Year 3 Fall
SOC 125 (3)
SOC 149 (1)
MATH 130 or applied stats (3)
RSLT 1XX (3)
Upper elective (3)
Upper elective (3)
Total:  16

Year 3 Spring

SOC 249 (1)
SOC 338 (3)
SOC 353 (3)
SOC 3XX (3)
SOC 3XX (3)
RLST 3XX (3)

Total: 16

Year 4 Fall

SOC 310 (3)
SOC 320 (3)
SOC 430 (3)
SOC 3XX (3)
SOC 3XX (3)

Total: 15

Year 4 Spring

SOC 465 (3)
SOC 3XX (3)
SOC 3XX (3)
Upper elective (3)
Elective (3)
Elective (3)

Total: 18

For a listing of course descriptions, visit: 

Except for six credits in religious studies, transfer students will be considered to have fulfilled the university’s general education requirement provided they have completed either an Associate of Arts degree from a regionally accredited college or university or an Associate of Science degree from a Viterbo-approved and regionally accredited two-year college program. (A degree from a vocational/technical school does not qualify unless the school has accredited college parallel programs.)

For questions and concerns, please contact Anna Sanders Bonelli, Ph. D, Assistant Professor and Chair of Criminal Justice, Sociology and Social Work at 608-796-3723 or

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