Lauren Ann Rehrauer 

Lauren Ann Rehrauer

Hometown:  Las Vegas, NV

Major:  Organizational Communication Studies and Criminal Justice

Career Aspiration:  Well, if I'm dreaming big here, I want to run for Congress someday.  I've got some money to raise, and platforms to develop before I get there though.
Campus Involvement:  Viterbo Voyager, Club Recruiter for VU Hockey Club, Women's Cross Country

Favorite place or thing to do in La Crosse?
I love running in La Crosse, it's so scenic.  I always feel safe.  It also gives you the opportunity to "feel" lost without being lost.

Favorite place on campus and why?
I LOVE Franny's!  I need coffee to function, and I like the semi-busy atmosphere.  It helps motivate me.

Advice for prospective students conducting their college-search?
Consider the atmosphere you want to be in when you're choosing your home away from home.  Think about what qualities will make your stay enjoyable.

Why I chose VU:
I chose Viterbo because it felt like home, even though I would really be 2,000 miles from home.