2014–2015 Undergraduate Catalog

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Academic Regulations and Policies

Undergraduate Student Enrollment in Graduate Courses

Undergraduate students, in bachelor degree seeking programs, may enroll in a maximum of nine graduate credits. Students must be approved by the graduate program to enroll in the graduate course(s). The credit is designated as graduate credit on a graduate transcript.  The credits will not appear on an undergraduate transcript and will not be included in the undergraduate credit totals.


Maximum student credit load for dual enrollment (graduate/undergraduate) is 16 credit hours for a semester or summer term. Students can enroll in no more than six graduate credits in the semester and no more than a total of 10 credits in an accelerated format (not full semester courses).


To be registered for the graduate course(s), undergraduate students must submit an add form with the graduate program director’s approval to the registrar’s office, by published registration deadlines for the semester. The student’s undergraduate tuition and fees are charged.

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