2014–2015 Undergraduate Catalog

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Academic Regulations and Policies


Registration for subsequent semesters is completed via VitNet, the online student information system. Registration for spring typically occurs in early November and for fall in early April. Students are expected to see their advisor prior to registration to discuss their course selection and obtain their registration time. All coursework must be registered for the term in which the work is done. Students must confirm their enrollment in the business office prior to the beginning of classes or according to schedule during the first three days of classes. Students who have pre-registered for classes but decide not to attend Viterbo University must contact the director of student success of the change in plans prior to the beginning of the semester. Students are liable for all charges until this official notification is made. The registration deadline is Aug. 15 for the fall semester, Jan. 1 for the spring semester, and May 1 for the summer session.


Schedule changes may be made via the VitNet online system any time after a student’s initial registration time, with the following parameters.


A full semester course may be added through the first week of the semester. When students wish to change a section or credit value for a full-semester class, they must drop and then add the class. These changes must also be completed by the end of the first week of the semester. At the request of the advisor, and only with the consent of the instructor, a full semester course may be added after the fifth day but before the 10th class day of the semester.


Compressed courses may be added until the first day of the class.


Students may drop full-semester courses during the first eight weeks. See the Important Dates on the registrar’s office Web page for deadlines as they are different for each term. A drop will result in the deletion of the course from the permanent record. Full semester course drops completed after the eighth week through Monday of the 11th week will result in a grade of W. No full-semester drops are allowed after the deadline to receive a grade of W. Drop deadlines for courses other than 15 weeks in length are prorated accordingly. For all courses, the official drop date is the date the drop is completed in VitNet.


Maximum Credit Load

Full-time credit load is a minimum of 12 for undergraduate students during a traditional fall or spring term.


To provide student success in the classroom, a student in a traditional program may not take more than 20 credits in any term (fall, spring or summer). A traditional program student enrolling in a Center for Adult Learning compressed or online course will have those credits count towards the maximum of 20 total credits and cannot have more than seven credits of compressed courses in either seven week session.


Students in Center for Adult Learning programs may not take more than seven credits in a seven week session. Students in Center for Adult Learning bachelor degree completion programs may register for a combination of seven week and full semester course section offerings. The maximum total credits may not exceed 20 total with no more than seven credits in any given seven weeks. In other words, the maximum enrollment for a Center for Adult Learning student is seven credits in the first seven weeks and seven credits in the second seven weeks and six credits of full semester course section offerings.

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