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2014–2015 Undergraduate Catalog

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Other Academic Programs

Pre-Law Program

The Viterbo University pre-law program is designed to offer students a meaningful and liberal education at the baccalaureate level. The pre-law program at Viterbo University has two philosophic purposes – to prepare students for successful entry into an accredited law school; and to prepare students scholastically so as to facilitate successful completion of a graduate degree in law.


Students interested in a law career are individually counseled by the pre-law advisor who suggests a program of study and provides information on law school application.


Pre-law students are advised to focus on undergraduate majors which develop reading, writing, and critical thinking. This may be more important than focusing on specific content. Maintenance of a relatively high undergraduate grade point average is very important for successful law school admission. Recommended undergraduate majors include, but are not limited to, accounting, criminal justice, management, English, psychology, and sociology. Minors in history and philosophy should also be considered. Pre-law students will be advised concerning other courses that will benefit them.


A pre-law student may choose to take an internship with a law firm or related legal services organization. This is a means for the undergraduate student to gain hands-on experience for academic credit before the completion of the bachelor’s degree. Such internships are incorporated into the four-year program and do not extend the length of time needed to complete the degree.

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