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2014–2015 Undergraduate Catalog

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Philosophy Major (Bachelor of Arts)

  • Core curriculum and mission seminars (38-52 credits) – see the core curriculum section of this catalog
  • Major requirements (30 credits)– PHIL 100 or 101 or 105, two courses from PHIL 320, 340, or 370, two courses from PHIL 311, 312, 313, or 333, 15 credits from PHIL 244, 286, 302, 310, 315, 316, 317, 321, 346, 360, 365, 375, 381, 400, 486, 488
  • School of Humanities requirement – a minor, a year of language study, or study abroad experience (see degree requirement section of this catalog for details)
  • Final degree requirements – a minimum of 120 college level credits, minimum of 40 credits at the 300/400 level
    Transfer courses and waivers and/or substitutions could modify the required credit total in the core curriculum and major.  

Viterbo University Three + One Program for Philosophy Majors

This accelerated degree program provides an opportunity for outstanding, highly motivated students to complete their Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy in three years, followed by one year of graduate work leading to a Master of Business Administration or a Master of Arts in Servant Leadership. Students may earn a minor, with their B.A. degree, in accounting, business administration, marketing, religious studies, philosophy, ethics or servant leadership to prepare for the master’s program.


Admission criteria:

  • a cumulative high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)
  • a ranking within the top third of the high school class
  • a minimum ACT score of 24
  • a minimum of six credits of college level work earned through Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or the Diocesan High School College Credit Program
  • an intent to declare a major in philosophy
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