2014–2015 Undergraduate Catalog

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Academic Regulations and Policies

Military Deployment

Viterbo University has set forth the following policy for students serving in a branch of the armed forces and called to active duty, including state activation of a member of the National Guard.  This policy also applies to a student who is a spouse of an activated service member (who has a dependent child).


The director of student success will serve as the main contact for the student. In all cases (deployment during the term and between terms), the director of student success will work with the student to determine if any online or other course enrollment for subsequent terms is possible while being deployed.


  • The student must provide a copy of his/her orders.
  • If the deployment occurs after a term begins and will be for the duration of the term or longer:
    • If a student decides he/she cannot continue his/her studies, a student may request a full refund of tuition charges and mandatory fees for courses that cannot be completed.  All or a portion of tuition charges and mandatory fees may be waived by the business office. No refund of non-mandatory fees will occur. Any room and board charges will be prorated based on the dates of attendance. Financial aid adjustments will be made in accordance with federal and state financial aid regulations. If a balance remains on a student’s account after all adjustments have been made, the account will be flagged as “no interest” until the student returns or it is determined the student is not continuing studies at Viterbo University.
    • At the discretion of the faculty member, a student may continue a course using communication means available (Blackboard, email, etc.). All charges and financial aid pertaining to the courses in which the student continues enrollment will remain.
    • If a student has completed a short term course but is enrolled in other courses that have not been completed, the charges and financial aid related to the completed course will remain and the rest of the charges and financial aid will be adjusted appropriately.
  • If the deployment is short term or mandatory training (begins and ends during the term):
    • In consultation with the faculty members and dean or department chair, every effort will be made to accommodate the short term absence.
  • If the deployment occurs between terms, it is recommended that the student contact the director of student success to complete a leave of absence form.  
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