2014–2015 Undergraduate Catalog

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Academic Regulations ans Policies

Credit/No Credit Courses

The opportunity to elect some courses on the credit/no credit basis is possible for students. This option must be exercised during the first 11 class days of the semester. The policy for credit/no

credit follows:

  • Each participating department shall have the privilege of articulating its degree of participation in the credit/no credit system.
  • Students are eligible if they have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. (First semester freshmen electing credit/no credit courses need permission of the director of student success.)
  • Instructors will turn in a letter grade to the registrar for all students; the registrar will make the necessary conversion:
    • a grade of C or above shall be converted to CR which shall stand for credit granted.
    • CD, D, or F grades shall be converted to NC which shall stand for no credit granted.
  • A course in which a grade of CR has been earned will be counted towards graduation requirements. Neither CR nor NC will be included in computing grade point average.
  • Courses on a CR/NC option (including those courses graded only CR/NC) ordinarily may not exceed 18 credits toward degree requirements. If a student has reached the maximum of 18 credits, an exception may be made for those courses required of the major and graded only on a credit/no credit basis. Exceptions must be cleared by the vice president for academic affairs.
  • Courses on a credit/no credit option may not be taken in one’s major or minor field, area of concentration, or professional education courses unless so specified in the respective department.
  • If students later wish to major in a field in which a credit/no credit course was taken, a respective department may decide to accept or reject the credit grade (but not to convert the credit grade to a letter grade).
  • Since certain courses lend themselves more readily to a credit/no credit system of grading, departments shall have the option of specifying such a grading system for a particular course. All students enrolled in the course would be graded credit or no credit.  
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