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The United States has become a country with the fourth-most Spanish speaking people in the world. For this reason, Spanish is no longer considered a foreign language in the United States, and many service providers, corporations, and government institutions require or prefer professionals that are culturally competent and have practical knowledge of the language.

The Viterbo University Spanish program:

  • features faculty that are native speakers representing Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.
  • offers different cultural perspectives to invite reflective responses.
  • strives to help students become global citizens.
  • offers practical Spanish knowledge for professionals.
  • offers a certificate in community interpreting and connects students with potential jobs.
  • advises students through their journey at Viterbo, putting them in contact with different organizations working locally with the Hispanic community or community members interested in Spanish.

For more information, contact:
Maribel Bird
Associate Professor, Chair, World Languages and Cultures

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