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2014–2015 Graduate Catalog

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Degree Requirements 

Graduation Requirements

Curriculum requirements indicated in the catalog and from the specific graduate program at the time of a student’s entry into Viterbo University remain in effect as long as the student attends on an uninterrupted basis and completes a degree within the timeline established by the specific program. Curriculum changes that occur between catalog publications are communicated to students in a timely manner.


To receive the Viterbo University master’s degree, a student shall:

  • successfully complete the minimum semester credit hours, including all courses required by the specific graduate program;
  • have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 for all coursework, with no individual course grade lower than a C or 2.0.  

Time to Degree

A program should be completed within five years of formal admittance to the program, except for the Doctor of Nursing Practice which allows three or six years dependent on the track, and the Master of Arts in Education which allows seven years for completion.


Degree Conferral/Commencement

All students must be enrolled for a minimum of one course in the semester in which they plan to finish their requirements. Because of the preparation involved with commencement and federal reporting requirements related to earning a degree, students must participate in the ceremony in the term they complete requirements. Students completing requirements in the summer must attend the preceding May ceremony.


Students must file an application for degree form in the Office of the Registrar no later than September 15 for December graduates and January 15 for May/summer graduates. The deadline for Master of Arts in Education summer graduates is April 1.This form indicates the intent to graduate and is used to provide information to students concerning commencement events. A cap, gown, and hood are required if attending the commencement ceremony and may be purchased from the bookstore.


Commencement ceremonies for the Master of Arts in Education program occur in July. The degree conferral date is August 1. Students will submit an application for degree upon registration for EDUC 604. All graduation fees will be assessed at that time.


Degrees are official after the registrar checks that students have met all graduation requirements. The date listed on the diploma/transcript will be the degree conferral date for the term in which the requirements were met.. Summer degree conferral is August 1.



Diplomas earned by graduates will be sent approximately eight weeks after the grades for the semester are due, to the address listed on the application for degree form. All indebtedness to the university must be cleared before a diploma and official transcripts will be released. The transcript, not the diploma, is proof of an earned degree. Only one diploma is ever issued.

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