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Department Handbook

Technical Production Guidelines

A student in the area of technical production should have taken the bulk of technical coursework and must have served as assistant technical director on a faculty tech. directed production. All normal preparation should take place for the senior project, including but not limited to: 

  • preparation for daily shop work schedule and production calendar in consultation with the designer
  • bookkeeping for the set, lighting and properties areas
  • preparation of purchase orders for needed supplies
  • working drawings for all scenic units
  • weekly updates on scheduling related work calls
  • progress reports at production meetings

The technical director is to serve as the overseer of all technical elements of the production which may include checking the progress of diverse crews working differing hours. The technical director works closely with the designer and shop supervisor in planning the work of the production. The technical director is responsible for the load in of the show to the theatre, the safe and standard use of all equipment with faculty or staff supervision, and the work of technical crews through the technical and dress rehearsals. The shift and fly crews work directly under the supervision of the technical director. The student technical director and designer plan and run the strike with faculty or staff supervision. Following the closing of a production, the technical director should submit all paperwork, as well as a self evaluation in which they discuss the success and problems of the project and provide suggestions for improvements. 

A project self evaluation must be completed within one week of the close of the production (see General Guidelines for All Senior Thesis Projects) and given to the project advisor. 

Duties of the project advisor: 

  • Meet with student technical director initially to review work schedule/calendar and be available for changes if needed.
  • Review bookkeeping, approve purchase orders.
  • Review drawings.
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