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Theatre & Music Theatre Department

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Department Handbook

Standards for Theatre/Music Theatre Majors

In order to remain a theatre or music theatre major in good standing at Viterbo University: 

  1. Each major must maintain a minimum of a "C" (2.0) average in all theatre-related courses, and must meet the school's general requirements for good academic standing;
  2. Each major is expected to actively participate in departmental productions and activities as assigned, demonstrating a professional, collaborative and service-oriented attitude, following the general principles of the department's mission statement, skills document, and assessment tools;
  3. Each major is expected to satisfactorily complete all assigned performance or technical production assignments, as determined by the theatre faculty. Students may accept or decline a role or request an alternative crew assignment, after consultation with the theatre faculty, within a period of 48 hours of assignment posting;
  4. Each major must complete a year-end written self-assessment, an annual Talent Scholarship Service Record (for talent scholars), and participate in the two-year review, records of which will be placed in the student's permanent file;
  5. It is expected that each major will abide by the guidelines, rules,  or laws of the Viterbo and greater La Crosse communities. Criminal activity will not be tolerated on school grounds or at university or departmental-sponsored functions.

The Viterbo University Theatre Arts faculty reserves the right to determine the student's compliance with the above guidelines, and furthermore, to determine the student's potential for success within the Theatre Department. If a student's ability to meet these guidelines is in question, the faculty will set up an evaluation process with the student and appropriate University officials. Any theatre or music theatre major who cannot meet these standards will be dismissed from the program. 

Adopted and Approved by the Viterbo University Theatre Arts Department, December 1997 

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