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Theatre & Music Theatre Department

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Department Handbook

Stage Management Guidelines

Students undertaking a senior project as a stage manager should have taken the bulk of technical coursework (and must have taken the Theatre and Stage Management course). Normally a senior project stage manager will have served as an assistant stage manager on a faculty directed production, and as a stage manager for at least one other fully staged theatre event. Crew work on a variety of crews is desirable. 

It is expected that all normal preparation for the stage manager's role be completed, including but not limited to: 

  • the agendas and reports for all production meetings
  • the audition notice
  • the audition form
  • the cast list
  • maintenance of the callboard
  • creation of the prompt book
  • blocking notation
  • Q-ing notes
  • props list
  • fitting appointments
  • creation and distribution of the production/rehearsal schedule
  • rehearsal reports

The stage manager may have an assistant sage manager assigned to them, as the needs of the show warrant. It is expected that the stage manager work closely with the director in establish their specific duties during the rehearsal period, but normally the stage manager is in attendance at all rehearsals, arriving one half hour prior to each rehearsal to set the stage and prepare for rehearsals. All normal expectation for the work of the stage manager are to be fulfilled by the senior project stage manager. The stage manager is in attendance at all rehearsals and performances, and any additional follow-up duties as determined by the director and production staff. 

The prompt book is to be submitted at the close of the production, along with a document that includes a self evaluation and statement of the worth of the project, as well as suggestion for production/program improvements, as outlined in the General Specifications

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