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Set Design

A student in the area of set design should have completed the bulk of design coursework (and must have completed the set design course), and should have served as an assistant scenic designer on a faculty designed production. It is the expectation that all usual design preparation take place for the senior project, including but not limited to: 

  • A rendering or model completed and approved six weeks prior to opening
  • A ground plan drawn to 1/4" scale completed and approved six weeks prior to opening (AutoCAD drafting will be accepted if printed in 1/4" scale; USITT drafting symbol standards are to be used)
  • Working drawings completed and approved six weeks prior to opening
  • Painter's elevations
  • Platform plans
  • A production work schedule completed six weeks prior to opening
  • An anticipated budget breakdown completed six weeks prior to opening. The budget amount is assigned by the faculty advisor.

Unless assigned a workstudy or student technical director, the set designer is expected to direct the scene shop supervisor in the construction, load in and finishing of the set. In the case of a mainstage or multi-set show, the faculty advisor will serve as technical director for the project, but the set designer is to be in the shop on a daily basis. The set designer attends all production meetings, technical and dress rehearsals. The set designer will also plan and run the strike. 

The student will meet with the faculty advisor within one week of the close of the show to discuss the project self assessment, which the student will complete within two weeks of the show. The project self assessment will be turned in (as a formal paper) to the advisor for the project.

A student wishing to be assigned to a Black Box senior project should have served as an assistant designer for a faculty designed Black Box show and as a designer for two Black Box shows (at least one faculty directed) before being assigned as a designer for a faculty directed Main Theatre show.

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