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Annual Theatre/Music Theatre Major Self-Evaluation and Reflection

Due April 1

The following must be done by all theatre and music theatre majors by April 1st (before they can register for fall semester classes).  

As a part of our department's on-going program and student evaluation process, all Viterbo theatre and music theatre majors are asked to complete an annual self-assessment.  This system has been used by the department for many years to monitor, assist, and evaluate the progress and goals of all majors. Please note that all theatre and music theatre majors must complete this self-assessment form prior to meeting with your advisor to schedule courses for the fall semester. It is our hope that this system of assessment will assist our student/faculty advising process, and will also provide each student with a clearer idea of personal and professional goals and expectations. 

Please note that you will NOT be allowed to register for fall semester or change degrees UNTIL this assessment has been presented to and discussed with your faculty advisor. This document will form the foundation for your future academic planning, will be distributed to all theatre faculty, and will be placed in your permanent file to better record your goals and progress throughout your time at Viterbo. This permanent file will also provide valuable material to faculty in the future who may be called upon to reference your work as a student and theatre artist. All theatre and music theatre majors must respond to the following questions in a thoughtful and complete manner.  Please use an appropriate formal letter format as you respond to these questions: 

  1. What have been your greatest academic or personal accomplishments and successes as a university student during this academic year? 
  2. What have been your biggest personal or academic challenges or obstacles during this academic year? What have been your greatest challenges or obstacles as a theatre artist?
  3. Based on both your accomplishments and challenges as a student and artist, what are your plans or goals for the next year? At this point in your academic career, do you believe that you should continue to be a theatre or music theatre major at Viterbo University? Consider the department's mission statement and goals as you explain your answer. Please explain the role or importance of school and theatre studies in your life. If you are questioning the role or importance of school or theatre in your future, please explain your present feelings.

Second-Year Students Only: 
Please explain what your personal goals, expectations, and concentration interests are for the final half of your training experience at Viterbo University. You will have a private meeting with the theatre faculty to discuss your entire self-assessment. 

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