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Department Handbook

Production Schedule Outline

A basic outline for Black Box and Mainstage Productions

WEEK 1Director's point of view / initial reaction to script - Meetings are 1 hour in length.
WEEK 2Initial images, research
WEEK 3Research, rough designs
WEEK 4Rough designs
WEEK 5Presentation of final designs
WEEK 6Auditions - if auditions are late in the week or several nights in length, then they should be held during the 5th week to allow a six week build/rehearsal period.
Rehearsal/Build Period
WEEK 7Progress reports
WEEK 8Progress reports
WEEK 9Progress reports
WEEK 10Progress reports - Last chance to add any new props, costumes, set pieces
WEEK 11Progress reports - Publicity photos
WEEK 12Tech & Dress rehearsals. Opening.
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