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Department Handbook

Production Duties

STAGE MANAGER - oversees all aspects of the production. The stage manager is involved before, during, and after the production. See the director, technical director, or costumer for all specific duties. 

RUNNING CREW - work under the supervision of the stage manager and under the specific instructions of the set designer. 

COSTUME DESIGNER  - in addition to designing costumes, is responsible for seeing those designs realized from drawings, patterning, fitting and alterations to final dress. 

MAKEUP CREW HEAD - after consultation with designer, supervises/executes makeup application and hair styles. 

COSTUME SHOP CREW - is responsible for building and altering costumes. Crew members are under the supervision of the designer/costumer. 

WARDROBE - is responsible for maintaining (i.e., laundry and repair) costumes during the run of a production, as well as assisting actors in changes and facilitating a smooth running production. 

SET DESIGNER - designs the set and supervises its construction. 

TECHNICAL DIRECTOR - organizes, plans and supervises scenic production. The technical director turns the designer's plans, drawings and models into the play's physical setting. He/she is responsible for managing the set budget and crew work schedule. In addition, the technical director oversees the construction, rigging, painting, and assembly of the set, expedites drafting, orders materials, insures correct attendance of crews, and organizes strike. All of the duties outlined must be under the direct supervision of a faculty advisor when the technical designer is a student. 

SET CREW - builds the set under the supervision of the technical director. Crew members must check the shop work schedule and report to shop when necessary. 
 It is the responsibility of the crew member to: 1)  use only those power tools which he/she is familiar with and can operate properly,  2) practice safe equipment use, 
 3) return all tools to their proper location, and 4) clean up all work areas. 

LIGHTING DESIGNER / ELECTRICIAN - is responsible for the design and execution of the show's light plot. Working with the set designer, costume designer, and director, the lighting designer should strive for total unity of the production concept. Your design development is under the supervision of the technical director. 

LIGHT BOARD OPERATOR - works under the supervision of the stage manager and the instruction of the lighting designer. 

LIGHTING CREW - work under the supervision of the lighting designer. Crew members hang, focus, clean, repair, gel, etc. 

HOUSE MANAGER - works under the instructions of the director and stage manager. The house manager is responsible for creating a lobby display, managing and organizing ushers, assisting audience members, keeping the house clean, opening and closing house doors and any other needs of the production regarding the house. 

USHERS - work under the supervision of the house manager. Ushers are responsible for seating audience members, handing out programs and keeping refreshments, cameras, and recorders out of the theatre. 

SOUND CREW - is responsible to the director, technical director and stage manager. The crew prepares and executes all the sound needs of a production. 

PROPS DESIGNER -  is responsible for the design, construction of finding of the properties. Is also responsible for returning all props to wherever the items were obtained, maintenance of props throughout the run, and repair of all damaged props. 

PROPS CREW/CREW HEAD - work under the direction of the set designer and director or props designer when applicable. The props crew members construct, paint and find props. 

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