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General Specifications for Design and Technical Projects

The proposal must address the qualifications of the student in the specific area in which they are seeking assignment. A resume which indicates experiences that support the student's intended proposal, a list of classes which demonstrates their training and a statement summarizing why he/she should be assigned to a particular position, must all be a part of the design and technical production project proposal. *Any special circumstances which might further suggest a particular slot or semester should also be noted. 

  1. A student interested in a design or technical project must meet the normal expectations of that position or assignment on a faculty directed production.
  2. The proposal for a design or technical assignment must be accepted by the design faculty as satisfactorily meeting the expectations of a senior project source.
  3. A student undertaking a design or technical project shall be involved with the production from the first production meeting, through the run and closing of the show and any follow-up duties or obligations. It is expected that the student will be in attendance at all technical and dress rehearsals and production meetings.
  4. The general requirements for a design or technical project will include all aspects of the production process, from the initial planning through the execution of the project in a format appropriate for the type of project.
  5. Student designers are responsible for the daily supervision of crews that are assigned to them, and for the timely completion of the production project as established by their faculty design advisor and the director ONLY.
  6. Faculty are to serve only as advisors; in the event that a faculty advisor feels compelled to complete a student project, or is asked to complete a project by the director because the project is unsatisfactory in quality or seems unlikely to be completed on time, the student shall receive a failing grade.
  7. The student will provide documentation of the goals and outcomes of the project and shall present them as indicated in the General Guidelines for All Senior Thesis Projects.
  8. A failed design or technical project cannot be repeated until the year following the failure, and only if the student has provided a written response to the failed project and a self-assessment/ plan for the success of another project.

*While the Theatre faculty will make every effort to assign students to their preferred projects, we reserve the right to make assignments in the best interest of the student based upon our perceptions and assessment of their skills.

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