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Criteria for Receiving and Maintaining a Theatre Arts Talent Scholarship

In order to be initially awarded a Viterbo University Theatre Arts Talent Scholarship, a prospective student must: 
  1. Apply and be unconditionally admitted to Viterbo University, meeting all University-wide admissions guidelines (ACT of 20 or GPA of 2.0);
  2. Complete a successful interview/audition with the theatre arts faculty;
  3. Present a resumé, portfolio, or sampling of past theatrical work and experience;
  4. Reflect a positive high school experience record, including academic, attitudinal, and attendance concerns;
  5. Demonstrate skills, talents , attitudes, and energies which the theatre arts faculty feels will meet the goals and expectations of the academic and production program.

In order to maintain a Theatre Arts Talent Scholarship once they have begun attendance at the University, the student must: 

  1. Maintain a 3.0 GPA in Theatre Arts courses, and a 2.5 overall GPA;
  2. Maintain a continued status as a full-time theatre arts major;
  3. Actively contribute to all Viterbo University Theatre Arts productions in either a performance or technical capacity. (NOTE: All students with an acting focus must audition for every department production unless prior approval is given by the department chair. All students with a technical focus must contribute their time and talents to each department production under the direction and assignment of the department Technical Director and/or theatre faculty.);
  4. Exhibit an attitude which indicates one is serious about a future career in theatre arts;
  5. Complete annual assessments of personal artistic and academic development and progress. You must complete the annual Student Scholarship and Service Assessment form to retain your scholarship.  If you do not return the completed form by the due date, February 15, you will forfeit your scholarship.

Process of Talent Scholarship Review: 

After February 15th, the theatre department faculty will review all Student Scholarship and Service Assessment forms to determine if there are any talent scholars who are not meeting the scholarship requirements. Any student who does not meet scholarship requirements will meet with the faculty to discuss the situation and establish a reasonable and timely "plan" for rectifying the situation. The student will be asked to work closely with his/her advisor to monitor progress. 

The theatre faculty will meet to re-assess the student's academic and production progress after mid-term progress reports are published, and the student will be notified at that point as to the continuance or loss of the talent scholarship for the following academic year. 

NOTE:  All Student Scholarship and Service Assessment forms will be kept in the student's permanent placement file as a means of monitoring student achievements, participation, volunteer activities, and community service. Formal notes will also be kept in the student's file regarding any meetings held regarding the student's fulfillment of scholarship requirements. 

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